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Teeth Whitening – Newington, CT

Say Goodbye to a Lackluster Smile

Before and after professional teeth whitening in Newington

Millions of people are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. Due to genetics, missteps in oral hygiene, or the overconsumption of staining foods and beverages, their teeth may look yellow and lackluster. Would you like to attain a brighter smile? The team at Family Dental Practice of Newington is here to help. We may be able to vanquish your dental stains with one of our professional teeth whitening services.

Teeth Whitening Options

Woman with bright smile enjoying benefits of teeth whitening

We offer one type of teeth whitening treatments:

You may also opt for take-home teeth whitening. We will provide you with custom trays and a powerful whitening gel. You will use the trays to keep the gel on your teeth for a specific period of time each day. Most patients begin to notice results in a few days, but it usually takes about two weeks for the teeth to reach their full brightness potential.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Woman with beautiful teeth sipping coffee through straw

Professional teeth whitening offers some significant benefits, including:

Maintaining Your Results

Dental patient admiring bright new smile in mirror

Tooth enamel is porous, which means that even after your whitening treatment, stains may reoccur. To keep your teeth as bright as possible, you should use a whitening toothpaste. It will also be helpful to limit your consumption of staining foods and beverages, such as berries, coffee, black tea, and red wine. When you do consume dark beverages, drinking them through a straw can minimize the contact they have with your teeth.

You should also occasionally touch-up your whitening treatment. Our office will be happy to provide you with the trays and whitening gel you need to help you maintain your teeth’s new brilliance.

Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Most patients who are in fair oral health are candidates for teeth whitening. However, if you have restorations on your front teeth, such as crowns or veneers, the whitening solution will not affect them. Also, keep in mind that there are a few types of stains that a regular whitening treatment might not be able to address. Your dentist will assess your teeth and make an appropriate treatment recommendation.

Would you like to learn more about teeth whitening? Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Newington.

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

Close-up of woman’s smile before and after teeth whitening

Generally speaking, the cost of teeth whitening in Newington is accessible for most patients. Of course, the exact price depends on a few factors; we will be able to provide you with an estimate during your consultation. We will also help you explore options for making your treatment as affordable as possible.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

Man relaxing while undergoing in-office whitening treatment

A few factors that affect the cost of teeth whitening include:

  • The severity and type of your dental discoloration. More severe stains, as well as stubborn forms of discoloration that are caused by things like medication or tobacco, may be difficult to remove. Therefore, they may incur higher fees.
  • Whether any preliminary treatments are necessary. We will need to make sure your oral health is sound before we move ahead with whitening. That means you might need to get a filling, undergo gum disease treatment, or consent to other restorative procedures.
  • The type of whitening. At-home whitening and in-office treatments come at different price points.

Types of Teeth Whitening: How Much Do They Cost?

Woman in front of mirror, applying teeth whitening strip

Here is an overview of the typical cost for different types of teeth whitening in Newington:

  • In-office treatment: This service, which usually only takes an hour or so, may cost as little as $400 or up to $1,000 or more. It depends on the brand of the whitening product and other factors.
  • Take-home professional whitening. Professional whitening kits sold by a dentist usually cost just a few hundred dollars.
  • Over the counter whitening trays. These kits, which come with “one size fits most” trays, often cost $100 or less.
  • Other OTC whitening options. Whitening strips, gels, pens, and similar products are the cheapest option for brightening teeth. They usually cost less than $50.

Professional vs. OTC Teeth Whitening

Woman’s bright smile next to dental shade guide

After reviewing the numbers above, you might wonder why anyone would opt for professional whitening rather than a less pricy option. The answer is simple. Professional whitening is superior to OTC products in a few ways:

  • It uses a more concentrated bleaching formula, which leads to faster and more noticeable results.
  • Because it is performed under a dentist’s supervision, it is extremely safe for most patients.
  • The treatment can be customized to fit your unique dental health and goals for your smile.

Options For Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

Hand using calculator to budget the cost of teeth whitening

In most cases, teeth whitening is considered to be a purely cosmetic procedure, which means that dental insurance almost never covers it. However, you may be able to use other provisions to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

  • You may be able to break up the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly installments via CareCredit.
  • We occasionally offer promotional pricing on teeth whitening. Give us a call to find out if we have any current specials that you could take advantage of.

Would you like to learn more about teeth whitening and its cost? Contact us today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Woman with beautiful smile after teeth whitening in Newington

Our team is ready to help you brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Newington. Before you schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation, however, it is only reasonable if you want to gather more information about the road ahead. To help you out, we have put together a list of answers to some frequently asked questions about this treatment. If you do not see your specific concerns addressed, contact our friendly team — we will be happy to personally assist you.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Tooth enamel is porous, and teeth bleaching agents gently open those pores so they can penetrate the enamel and remove stains. A common side effect of opening the teeth’s pores is increased sensitivity to outside stimuli, such as hot and cold foods and beverages.

For most people, the sensitivity is temporary and wears off shortly after the completion of a whitening treatment. Professional treatments are less likely to cause discomfort than over the counter ones because they are customized to fit each patient’s needs. If you are prone to sensitive teeth, let our team know so we can adapt your care accordingly.

What Is the Difference Between Professional and Store-Bought Teeth Whitening?

Many OTC whitening products have similar ingredients to those that are available only from a dentist. Both options are designed to break up pigment molecules in the teeth and leave patients with a brighter, more attractive smile.

However, there are some important differences between professional and OTC whitening:

  • Professional bleaching formulas tend to be much more concentrated than those that are available over the counter. This leads to faster and more dramatic results.
  • OTC trays and whitening strips are “one size fits all,” which means that there are quite a few people they do not fit. Professional whitening trays and in-office treatments are more customized, so there is a reduced chance that the bleaching formula will irritate soft tissues in the mouth.

How Can I Make My Teeth Whitening Results Last?

With proper care, your results may last for a few years. Here are some tips to keep your smile as bright as possible:

  • Stick to a thorough at-home oral hygiene routine each day.
  • Limit your consumption of dark foods and beverages, such as red wine, coffee, and berries.
  • Diligently attend cleanings and checkups with your dentist every six months.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Used properly, teeth whitening is very safe. Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy a low-risk and effective smile-brightening experience:

  • Consult with your dentist first. This is a good idea even if you plan to use OTC whitening products.
  • Use the right product. Never try to whiten your teeth with any product that has not been approved by the American Dental Association.
  • Be wary of DIY hacks. Some DIY whitening “hacks” are actually destructive for teeth. For example, using abrasive agents like charcoal could damage your enamel.
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